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29/05/2020 : 4 cases reported today morning .
All four belong to the same family 

Total active cases are 41
Total cases : 57
Recovered : 16

* Locations based on reports received through online resources, exact locations may vary
* 10 Other state cases admitted in JIPMER of which 5 have been recovered and discharged. One ANC tested positive at PIMS is currently undergoing treatment at Villupuram, TN
* 1 Death case of Mahe resident who died at Kannur Kerala is not included in Pondicherry database


Details of Cases including Other States who are admitted in Puducherry Hospitals :  Click Here

29/05/2020 #Puducherry : 4 cases reported today morning. All four belong to the same family 
Total active cases are 41
Total cases : 57
Recovered : 16

28/05/2020 #Puducherry : Two residents of Puducherry, tested outside Puducherry (Kannur GH, and Chennai MMC Lab) have recovered.
Mahe : Two positive cases recovered and discharged.

Today Recovered : 4 cases

Active cases : 37 (IGMC&RI : 32) (JIPMER : 5)
Recovered : 16
Total cases : 53

28/05/2020  #Puducherry : Covid-19 Update - 28-05-2020

IGMC&RI : 32 cases
JIPMER : 5 cases

Total active cases : 37

Clarification needed on total cases 
27-05-2020 : Cumulative total is 51
28-05-2020 : Cumulative total is 53

So increase in case is 2, but one case was reported as new case.

27/05/2020 #Puducherry : A nine-year old boy from neighbouring Mannadipet village was admitted to the Indira Gandhi Government Medical college hospital on Wednesday tonight for treatment of coronavirus.  Total active cases are 40. Total cases : 52
Recovered : 12

#Puducherry : 5 cases reported today morning . Two persons from Muthialpet, and one each from Solai Nager, Moogambigai Nagar and Dharmapuri were tested positive.  Total active cases are 39. Total cases : 51
Recovered : 12

26/05/2020 : #Puducherry : One new case reported. A driver at JIPMER hospital had tested positive for the virus. Case has been added to Tamilnadu database.

Total new cases today : 3

Total active cases : 34
Total Recovered : 13 (Kannur case dischaged today)
Total Cases : 47

26/05/2020 : #Puducherry : 2 new cases reported from Reddiyarpalayam. Wife and Daughter of previous Covid-19 patient.
37 Year old wife and 7 year old daughter of a Covid-19 patient tested positive for the infection on Tuesday taking the total number of cases to 52 in Puducherry. This includes 6 patients from TN. 17 people including 5 from TN recovered. 35 including 1 from TN are undergoing treatment

Total cases in Puducherry UT: 46
Active cases in Puducherry UT : 34

25/05/2020 : Threee cases reported today. Father and Son from Muthiyalpet (Muthiyamudaliyar street) and One from Reddiyarpalayam (Mookambigai Nagar - 5th cross) of age 26 have been tested positive
#Muthialpet Case : 56-year-old man with fever went straight to Jipmer and got himself tested . He turned out to be a positive case and was admitted in Jipmer
#Muthialpet Case : Son of 56-year-old man from Muthiyamudaliyar Street, Muthialpet
#Reddiarpalayam Case : 26-year old man who had contact with a previous positive patient also tested positive and admitted to IGMC&RI

IGMC&RI : 24
Mahe GH : 2
Kerala GH : 1
Chennai MMC Lab : 1

Total cases are 44 
Active cases 31
Recovered 12

24/05/2020 :  Five New cases reported today morning. Periyakalapet (1), Mannadipet (1), Mookambikai Nagar (1), Kurumbapet (1), Dialysis Patient (1)

Case History:
1st case Periyakalapet : Son of previous case
2nd case Mannadipet : 22 year old from chennai
3rd case Kurumbapet : Lady while checking for Fever symptom
4th case Moogambigai Nagar : Male from 4th cross (Previous case was 5th Cross)
5th case Dialysis patient from Muthiyalpet, Solai Nagar.

23/05/2020 :  One lady from Karaikal was discharged today morning. The active cases in Puducherry is 25. Total case is 36 and recovery is 11 as of 23rd May 2020

23/05/2020 : Today morning 3 new cases were reported. One each from Kurumbapet, Velmurugan Nagar and Vadamangalam have been tested positive for the virus. All three had contacts with persons who are already under treatment for the virus at IGMC&RI
Active Cases : 26
Total Cases : 36
Recovery : 10

22/05/2020 :  4 more people including a 9-yr-old boy & 2 women tested positive for Covid-19. The 2 women had visited Chennai recently. As on Friday, Puducherry reported 38 cases including 5 from TN.
The four Covid-19 positive patients are - a nine-year-old boy from Villianur, a 25-year-old man from Moogambigar Nagar, a 20-year-old man from Kurumampet and a 34-year-old man from Dharmapuri.
22/05/2020 :  Reddiyarpalayam : 46-year-old woman hailing from Reddiyarpalayam, Puducherry, residing in Chennai tested positive and is being treated there. Since she is from Puducherry, she was included in the tally.
22/05/2020 : Periya Kalapet : A  43-year-old woman from Periyakalapet here who returned from Chennai on May 18 developed fever and other symptoms of COVID-19. She got tested and returned as she was not willing to stay in hospital. As the result came out positive, she was admitted at IGMC&RI

21/05/2020 :  Krumbapet : One person from the neighbouring Kurumbapet village tested positive for the pandemic.
21/05/2020 :  Lawspet : 2 persons from Mahaveer Nagar Lawspet region who came from Dubai tested positive for the pandemic.
21/05/2020 :  Muthiyalpet : 1 persons from Muthiyalpet, Solai Nagar, tested positive for covid-19

20/05/2020 : Mahe : One more case was reported from #Mahe on Wednesday at the GH. He was working in Mumbai and had returned to Mahe on Tuesday and approached the hospital in Mahe. He tested positive for the pandemic and was since hospitalised, the Director said.

20/05/2020 : Lawspet :  Two more persons tested positive for Coronavirus in the  Union Territory on Wednesday taking the total number of active cases to 12.
A family of four residing in Lawspet returned from Kuwait reached Puducherry on Tuesday evening and the father and a child were tested and came positive. They were admitted to the IGMC&RI.
The mother and another child of the family will be tested today and most probably the result would also come positive. The Minister said

19/05/2020 : Arumbarthapuram : The television mechanic, who had come into contact with a resident of neighbouring Arumbathapuram villagenow under treatment at Indira Gandhi Government Medical College Hospital, tested positive for the virus.

19/05/2020 : Mahe: Man from Dubai tests positive for Covid-19 in Mahe. A 61-year-old man from Pallor area in Mahe had been confirmed Covid-19 Positive. He is admitted at Mahe GH.

18/05/2020 : Mahe: A 28-year-old man, hailing from Mahe, an enclave of Puducherry in Kerala, and residing in Puducherry, met with a road accident. Treatment for his injuries revealed he was coronavirus- positive. He was admitted to Kannur Hospital. The case has been added to Puducherry database

16/05/2020 : Karaikal : One more person tested positive for Covid-19 in Karaikal. She is 24 year old women who had returned from Dubai.

14/05/2020 : #Puducherry : 3 people including a nine- year-old girl tested positive for the COVID-19 in Puducherry on Thursday, pushing the tally in the Union Territory to seven.

09/05/2020 : Arumparthapuram : One new case reported from Thirukuralar nagar, Arumparthapuram. He is an employee of a private company in Puducherry. The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Puducherry has risen to 18.



  1. Wrong details: The boy was a contact tracing case and his father (PDY38) was already under treatment for the infection in the hospital

  2. Correct details: The boy was a contact tracing case and his father (PDY31) was already under treatment for the infection in the hospital

    1. PDY31 is Dharmapuri case, the boy is from Mannadipet isn't it

  3. One deceased. Where did the death happen? In Pondy or Mahe? Or the other two administrative areas?

    1. One deceased is from Mahe, either Pondicherry or Mahe haven't added the death to their database. But Center has added the death to Kerala database.


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