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21-07-2020 : Puducherry : 91 new covid positive cases, 53 discharges and 1 death reported in the last 24 hrs.

Active cases : 831
Recoverved : 1318 (+53)
Deaths : 30 (+1)
Total Cases : 2179 (+91)

20-07-2020 : Puducherry on Monday reported 93 new covid-19 cases, taking the overall tally to 2092 cases in Puducherry UT. 
111 patients recovered and were discharged today. 101 from Puducherry, 10 from Karaikal were discharged today
1 death reported in IGMC&RI Hospital in Puducherry

• IGMCRI: 69 new positive Cases got admitted. 53  positive cases recovered and discharged. At present, 437 active Covid patients are in IGMC&RI 
• JIPMER: 12 new positive Cases got admitted. 27 positive cases recovered and discharged. Totally 198 active cases are in admission at present. 
• Covid Care Center : Today 1 cases admitted at Covid Care centers. 21 positive cases recovered. At present 72 cases in DCCC.
• Karaikal – 11 new cases reported today. 10 patients recovered and discharged today. At present 51 active cases are under treatment in Karaikal.
• Mahe:  No active cases in Mahe. All patients cured and discharged
• Yanam: No new cases reported today.  At present 40 active cases at GH Yanam of which 1 patient is under Home Isolation.

Today's summary :
527 samples tested 
93 were reported Covid +ve
111 discharges
1 death reported at IGMC

👉 Active cases : 798
👉 Discharged : 1265 (+111)
👉 Death : 29 (+1)
👉 Total Cases : 2092 (+93)

• Totally 1265 Covid patients recovered and discharged in UT Puducherry till date.
• 1 deaths reported in Puducherry UT in the last 24 hrs. Cumulative no. of covid death is 29 with case fatality stands at 1.39%

Yesterday 527 samples were tested of which 93 were reported covid positive
Till date 31,947 samples have been tested in Puducherry UT.


  1. In puducherry which area has most danger zone ???

  2. Which is the most affected area in puducherry??

  3. Maintaining atleast 50% information is not doing properly these days. Still 1000 cases untraceable or not interested.Containment updates too is very less.Even death cases too..

    1. As cases rises day by day, details on covid is getting less. Previously they present everything detaily, but now a day they say just say counts of deaths, recoveries etc., I crawl around the web and reporters to gather information. Even official website don't regularly update on containment zones. Their last update was on 22nd July. But i have updated till yesterday gatering informations here and there.
      So as cases increase the information get lesser known.
      Even death cases have been updated till yesterday.
      Everyone look into my website for information, but were can i look for the information, from were can i get those information. Its hard now a days.
      I even sometimes think to quit these updates.
      Will try my best as far as i could.
      Thank you

    2. You are doing commendable job Sorry for everything...Don't give up...��������

  4. Replies
    1. Sorry, look iam not a journalist or a reporter, iam just an ordinary man like you all. Started this updated just to make myself engaged during the lockdown time.
      There is no one who has been providing me information. Just like you all I crawl the web and gather information and present it here.
      Started this when i was free, but now i too have my works. So please understand.
      Instead of commenting here to stop my report. You can gather and provide information and comment it here, so that others can get the information too.

      These updates are not done by a group of people. All updates are done solo by me.
      Will try to update whenever i get time.

      And finally this is not an official report. You can find reports around the web. Thank you


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